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  • We do NOT use digital or direct-to-garment printing
  • Check our Pricing page for a quick idea of our prices
  • Get a detailed quote in minutes online with our Order page
  • Build and submit your order online in minutes
  • Upload your artwork to our remote server
  • Have your custom printed shirts in hand in 2-3 weeks.

Special Notice:
Read this page before getting any clothing printed!
Digital Printing is NOT Screen Printing!

If you’ve been looking for a place to get high-quality screen printing done, but you only need a small quantity of shirts printed, you’ve no doubt realized that no other screen printer out there wants to take on your low-quantity job.  It’s just not profitable for them to do so because of the way they run their business.  It’s not their fault – they’re just not setup the right way to do it!

If they do agree to print such a small quantity of shirts for you, what they might not tell you up front is that if you order less than a dozen shirts printed at one time, you may end up with DIGITALLY printed shirts instead of true SCREEN printed shirts.

What the big “screen printing” companies DON’T want you to know:
Digital Printing is lame.

Some printing companies go so far as to call it “Digital Screen Printing” only to confuse YOU and make you think it is somehow similar to traditional screen printing.  I can assure you it is not the same.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both digital printing and screen printing, and you can read all about those HERE.  But the fact of the matter is that

Digital Printing is for amateurs.
Screen Printing is the professional industry standard.

You’ll never see a digitally printed shirt for sale in a retail store at the mall.  Why?  Because digital printing is just one step up from heat transfers – the kind of shirt printing they use at the County Fair!  There’s no question that if you want a truly professional-looking shirt, traditional screen printing is the only way to go.

But because the big printing companies are setup to only do large quantity orders, they shut out a lot of customers such as yourself who want to get professionally screen-printed shirts in small quantities.  What makes our company different is that we’ve built it from the ground up to cater to small quantity screen printing.  We’ve built our company with one customer in mind:  YOU.  The valuable customer who only needs a small quantity of shirts printed.  THIS is the screen printing solution you’ve been looking for!

But does that mean we only do low quantity orders?  Of course not!

The beauty of our production process is that we not only handle small quantity orders, but we can definitely handle your large quantity orders as well.  All you have to do is add enough shirts to your order and the bulk discounts will be applied automatically in your shopping cart.  To see our pricing structure and bulk discount rates, go HERE.

So if you need professionally screen printed shirts in small quantities and you don’t want to pay through the nose, you’ve found the right place.


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